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The perfect tool for the times.
Cracked Innovations is not only starting the movement to fuel this change, we’re also creating the perfect social tool to get the job done: What Now App. Instead of using complex algorithms or long questionnaires, we simply match people by what they like to do, show them the venues that offer the entertainment they’re looking for and give them a way to simply invite someone to join them to see if they’re compatible, whether for friendship or something more. And if it sounds like what we’re really doing is bringing human interaction back to the human experience, you got it.     

Amazing people are all around us. We help you meet them in real life.   

A change this monumental requires more than the scattered efforts of a few; it requires an all-out movement led by few but backed by many. That is why we are calling on like-minded individuals, businesses and community leaders to join us. Together, let’s make the world social again!

Start living life in real life.
More fun. More friends. Less phone.

​Coming Soon to the App Store 

What we're doing about it

Why our movement is important

At Cracked Innovations, we believe your phone should be your lifeline, not your life. 

Because here’s the thing: A screen — even a screen full of “friends” — is always going to leave you a little empty, craving the real thing. The answer’s not to ditch the device (although we are fans of the periodic digital fast to keep yourself in check) but to use technology to foster real live human connections. 

A new couple in a restaurant, staring into their screens instead of each other’s eyes. A group of friends walking down the street, texting not talking. A pro athlete documenting his moment in the sun rather than enjoying it. Just a few years ago these behaviors would have been unthinkable, but they have quickly become the new norm. By spending so much time connecting in the digital world, are we forgetting about the real world?  

Is social media really making us more "social"?

Does this Look Familiar?